We have started Biological

So Imogen has now started a new drug called Humira also known as Adalimumab.

Humira is a ‘biological’ drug and will be used alongside her Methotrexate injection which she has every Friday. This injection is slightly different in that it is a syringe injection rather than a pen device, and she will have this once a fortnight. So we are currently having the first few doses in hospital to learn how to do ourselves at home.

Last Friday Imogen had her first dose of Humira and she seemed to tolerate it pretty well with only a tiny bruise left behind on her leg. They do say that this injection packs a bit of a punch though and can ache for a few hours after the initial jab, so we will see how well we get on next time. I think with Imogen she is a tough little cookie as she doesn’t like to show it when things hurt but we have noticed she is really frightened of her usual injection now so perhaps it did hurt more than she let on. That’s the hard thing with kids, they are so resilient and we never really know what it feels like for them at this age. I kind of wish I could have everything she has done…. done to me so I know what she is going through.

The regular blood tests she has with go back to fortnightly to start with for monitoring and then resume to monthly to monitor any effects the drugs might be having.

This drug is supposed to be fantastic for treating both the joints and eyes but the true benefit from Humira May take several weeks to be felt or seen (2-12 weeks). So We have everything crossed that this helps Imogen a lot going forward.

Imogen showing Sarah her Princesses and having her 1st Humira Injection.

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