Eyes Beautiful Eyes…..

So last week Imogen had her routine eye tests for JIA- associated Uveitis.

Things had been looking up on the eye front, the pressure in Imogen’s eyes had reduced and we had been slowly weaning down on the steroid eye drops…..until a couple of weeks ago when we noticed the symptoms of struggling in sunlight started to occur again! So it came as no shock when they found her eyes are flaring again. So rather than stopping the eye drops or weaning her off them, we are now upping the drops. Fingers crossed 🤞this will get the inflammation back under control and not cause her eye pressure to increase too much. I must say with this wonderful weather we have sunglasses in every bag, buggy and car we use.

But it wasn’t all bad news…….

On entering the eye clinic we crossed paths for the first time with the beautiful Clara. Clara’s lovely mum had recently been in touch only days previous via social media to introduce herself, after reading our post which had been shared on the JIA webpage.

Cheeky smiles!!

Clara was diagnosed with Oligoarthritis JIA and Uveitis 3 years ago and like us their family aim to raise awareness of the condition and also funds for the charity JIA at NRAS.

The fact that we were both there for the same thing on the same day and time….. what are the chances?!?!? It felt like we were supposed to meet that day and I’m so glad we did. Between our appointments we managed to chat about treatments, side effects, symptoms and everything in between and the fact that Imogen had just started the drug Humira the day before which is the same drug that has worked wonders for Clara is so reassuring.

We hope to meet up with Clara and her family again during the Summer holidays.

Clara and Imogen meeting for the first time at NNUH.

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