Friday…..Injection Day!

Oh how these weeks fly by so fast, every Friday we say the same thing!

But what a difference each week makes.

Friday in our house is Methotrexate injection day, Imogen started this drug back in January 2018. To think that when we started giving her these injections it had to be in hospital with us wrestling her to keep still, through the shouting and tears. Now less than 6 months on and we administer the injection at home, she doesn’t even have to sit on mummy’s lap anymore she is amazing.

She has even started to get excited by the process because we have given her ownership of getting the gloves and bits out ready, it’s like playing Drs. She then climbs up on that chair and sits still and calm throughout the whole process.

I just can’t help but share this little clip with you from this morning to show you what I mean….. just LOVE the signature “Imogen Jiggle” at the end bless her.

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