Feeling anxious….

So last week we got a phone call that we had been expecting for a while.

If you read my first blog post explaining the start of our journey, I touched on Imogen’s breathing / throat troubles that were initially picked up by the Drs when she went under anaesthetic, for her joint injections in December. We went to see a ENT specialist a few months back who on receiving letters from our Rheumatology Drs and hearing about Imogen’s symptoms decided it would be best to investigate further with a camera down her throat. Obviously the fact that she is so young means they won’t even attempt this without her being put to sleep under a general anaesthetic.

However to do this procedure for Imogen it requires three different specialists on the day, so it has taken quite a lot of organising. The call was to confirm we now have a date of 10th July. Which is great for Imogen that it will finally be over, but makes me feel extremely anxious. It’s just the unknown I guess, and the fact that we have to battle through the hospital admission, more needles and seeing her put to sleep again.

But as I always remind myself with these things…..it’s for the greater good, it needs to be done.

Therefore Monday this week we set off bright, early and blurry eyed to the Norfolk & Norwich for Imogen’s pre-op appointment. She was hilarious as ever and had all the nurses and Drs in stitches, showing off with her singing and performing.

Infact I think the funniest moment was when she was having her obs done and the lady needed to do the groin and nose swabs for MRSA. Well Imogen look horrified by these long ear buds, so the very kind nurse tried to make her feel better by explaining they just go inside your nose to check you don’t have and bugs. Imogen’s face changed and she corrected her straight away;

“I don’t have bugs up my nose, they live on the grass in my garden” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

She also went on to tell the Dr that her Mummy is a chubby chops….thanks Imogen 🤨

Everything appeared to go well, so unless we hear otherwise we will be back next Tuesday 10th for the procedure 😬 fingers crossed everything will be straight forward with nothing to report but I will keep you posted.

Imogen enjoying the Hospitals Arts & Crafts table.

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