So where have we been……

I know, I know…… this really isn’t good enough and not up to my usual standard of keeping in touch with the world. We had a hectic end to the summer and I naively thought that once Imogen was back at nursery life would slow down…..umm maybe not!!

Anyway we had a fabulous summer, the weather was great and we made some lovely memories with friends and family, not to mention our successful charity day in August.

At the end of July Imogen started her new treatment of Adalimumab (aka Humeria). This is in injection form and is administered every other Friday. We started off with the first two treatments at the hospital, she really didn’t like it but with the help of the fantastic Paediatric Rheumatology team at Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital it was over quick and life could resume to normal. We then decided to continue with the injections at home ourselves, we didn’t anticipate the anxiety that came with this decision and just thought she tolerates the other injection so well at home and that it would be better to be in a more relaxed, natural environment.


A fortnight later, at home, out came the injections. She sat and had her Methotrexate injection first, no problems whatsoever and then she noticed the second box and FREAKED out. We were organised and calm and did everything by the book but she was hysterical, shouting, screaming and crying , it was near on impossible to restrain her enough to even do the injection. Finally with 3 grown adults we managed to get the job done and it’s was extremely distressing for all involved to see how traumatised she was by the whole experience. Later that day Imogen was lashing out, angry and not at all herself. She also wet herself during the afternoon, something that she hadn’t don’t for months. This went on for days with her behaviour uncontrollable and wetting herself up to 6 times in a day, something wasn’t right. In desperation I explained the situation to her Dr and Nurse at a routine appointment that luckily fell a week later and on discussion it all made sense…..

When you break it down she is three years old and already going through so much, all of which she has tolerated so well with such bravery. Then she has a new injection on top of all that which she is frightened of and has three of her closest people holding her down to do it, in her home which is her ‘safe place’ it’s just tipped her over the edge and is a step too far. Therefore we decided it would be best that we administer this new treatment in hospital by a nurse specialist for the coming months to try and separate the two where possible. We have therefore been doing this for the past few treatments and it’s going much better. She is still terrified and as soon as she sets eyes on the injection packaging she freaks out, but we have got a very quick and discreet routine set up now with the help of the nurse specialists, it’s over quick and she gets a sticker for her bravery tin, so fingers crossed it continues this way going forward.

The treatment seems to be going well and we recently met with the Drs who are pleased with how her joints are doing at this point in time. Also a review with her Ophthalmologist last week was very positive, showing that the eye inflammation has improved so fingers crossed this is the Humeria taking hold. Also the eye pressure is nicely under control with the relevant drops. Now he explained how we need to slowly wean her eyes off the steroid drops to see if they can cope well without. We have everything crossed for this to be the case and therefore show that Humeria will be enough alongside the methotrexate to control the disease and hopefully head towards the road to remission.

Fingers crossed 🤞 we will keep you posted.

Design a Superhero Competition Winners

Well my trusty judges reviewed all of the entries this bank holiday weekend and we are happy to announce our Winner and the Runner-up for both ages categories.

I remained completely impartial for this part but I must say there were lots of fantastic entries and I thank everyone who managed to take part.

I must also give a special mention to Olivia, who created Belle. This was loved by the judges and reflected the music and princess/ superhero session at our charity event so will also receive a token gift.

Well done to all our competition winners.

Please contact me to arrange collection.

Best wishes Hannah & Imogen x

Adult’s Raffle Winners


6 month Adult Gym & Leisure Membership for Sentinel Leisure – Yellow 318 Anne (c/o Aunty Mel)

Potters Atlas Theatre Tickets for 2 – Green 130 Kelvin Self

Zak’s Restaurants £50 meal voucher – Yellow 209 Katie (c/o Aunty Mel)

The Norman Warrior £50 meal voucher – Yellow 348 Nanny Fisher

Joseph Conrad £40 meal voucher – Blue 627 Jonny. S

Hippodrome Circus £30 Voucher with 4 x backstage Museum passes- Yellow 321 Anne (c/o Aunty Mel)

Thrigby Hall Tickets – White 438 Cheryl & Georgie

East Coast Cinema 4 Tickets – Blue 729 Terry B.

Marina Theatre 4 Cinema Tickets – Yellow 383 Aunty Bev.

Iconic £20 Voucher- Green 469 Mel Bardwell

The Harbour £35 Vouchers – Yellow 835 Nick Pickess

The Ship 2 Fish & Chips night – White 133 Uncle Pat

Captain Manby Toby Carvery – Yellow 907 Fred Harman

Family Fun pass (Waterlane) – Green 323 Cheryl & Georgie

Family Fun Pass (Waterlane) – Blue 412 Sharon S.

2 x Easton Farm Park Vouchers – Yellow 650 Beck’s Mum & Yellow 179 Toni

Waveney River Tours for 2 people – Yellow 338 Nanny Fisher

Amy Louise Photo Session + 10 x 8 print – Green 66 Ryan Lincoln

Tea by the Sea Cream Tea for 2 – white 169 Jill

Wilko £20 Voucher – Green 205 A. Whitehead

Salvina’s Sweet Hamper – Blue 461 Martin. S

P.J. Gillman jewellery bracelet – White 399 Liz Gotts

Red Rose (trimmer im 24ct gold) – Blue 400 Sharon. S

‘Ernest’ bear ornament from Tracy Jane – Yellow858 Emma

Magazine Rack / decorative tin from Little Bird – Blue 324 Paul. T

Adnams Bottle of Fizz – Yellow 679 Lucy’s Nanny

Fire Pit – Yellow 307 Anne (c/o Aunty Mel)

Max Fitness Pro Fitness Band – Yellow 223 Greg B.

Bespoke Sweets & Treats Voucher – Blue 243 Hannah. G

Garden Hamper – Blue 582 Kirsty. P

Beauty Hamper (dove) – Blue 470 Margaret. S

Beauty Hamper – Yellow 557 Hayley Gibbons

Mini Pocket Pal Speaker – Yellow 405 Glenn Lee

Bicycle Wine Holder with bottle of wine- Blue 205 J. Dale

Bottle of Wine with glass markers – Blue 367 Lauren. R

Nivea Gift Set – Green 127 Kelvin Self

£10 voucher for QD/ Cherry Lane – Blue 685 Amy Savage

Box of Malteasers – Yellow 158 Karen (c/o Aunty Mel)

Just Handmade Soaps Box – Yellow 225 Greg. B

Handmade Cushion & Wooden Money Box – Blue 417 Sharon. S

Pebble Art picture – Green 82 Laura Lincoln

Blue Bracelet set – Blue 300 Sam. L

Hair by Charlotte Voucher – White 239 Kevin Farr

Beauty Lounge Voucher – Blue 535 David. F

Children’s Raffle Winners

Our children’s raffle was drawn at the end of our charity afternoon on Wednesday 15th August 2018. All of the children’s raffle tickets were Pink tickets and the winners were drawn as follows:


Handcrafted Wooden Rocking Horse – 489 V. Jordison

Bing & Sula Interactive Talking Teddies – 170 Catherine Lee

Morrison’s Children’s Hamper – 198 Grandad Dylan

Cars Toy – 332 Becky Browse

Dinky Town Voucher – 355 Josh / Hayley

Boys activity Hamper – 420 Rohan / Louise

Girls activity Hamper – 585 Charlie Bardwell

Large Spider-Man activity set – 203 Nina (School)

Mattie & Mimi music Voucher & R Baby Voucher – 399 Nadine Blowers

Mattie & Mimi music Voucher & R Baby Voucher – 590 Natalie Buck

Africa Alive Ticket Hamper – 333 Becky Browse

A sense of wonder Sensory Box – 431 Ellis Lee

The spooky storybook set (signed by children’s illustrator June Goulding) x 659 Molly Savage.

Large Princess doll – 138 Erin c/o Eddie

Minions rucksack Hamper – 430 Lucys Mum

Scentsy Shu Shu Panda Buddy clip – 104 Max Lincoln

Paw Patrol activity case – 31 Greg B.

Skipping Rope / Stationary set – 360 A. Hobson

Minions Teddy Hamper – 186 Dylan Lee

Dory Voice Recorder / stickers – 442 Emma Cotton

Gigantic bubbles – 247 Fraser

Girls Garden Playset – 17 Dani (c/o aunty Mel)

Boys Garden Playset – 389 Harrison

Giant Red Dragon teddy – 490 V. Jordison

Giant Monkey Teddy – 286 Amy Mortishire


So what did we raise I hear you say…….

This wouldn’t have been possible without your support so THANK YOU!!!

I think you will agree this is a fantastic amount, I really am chuffed to bits and i am sure JIA-at-NRAS will be too 😊

This amount was made up of music session tickets, sales of hot drinks, cake sale and lollies, raffle tickets sales, charity bands sold so far, face painting, carnival games, tombola and stall holder pitch donations. We also included the £95 from the coffee Hour at The Hotel Hatfield some weeks ago where we were able to advertise our event and raise awareness for JIA.

Wow what a day

Well last night we literally unloaded the cars and collapsed into bed after what was a very successful day at our Imogen’s Wish Charity Fun Day.

I really cannot believe how many people came along to support our cause. I never in a million years expected it to go that well, I have never done anything like this before so it was all new to me and a bit nerve racking but it truly means so much to us and our family who have been behind me every step of the way to make yesterday happen. The day was overwhelming, to see so many happy faces enjoying the event, kids running up to me showing what they had won on the stalls it really tugged at my heart strings.

A HUGE heartfelt thank you to Karen and The Seagull Theatre 🎭, firstly for letting us use your beautiful building for our special day, it was just perfect!! But also Karen and her trusty volunteers couldn’t have been more accommodating and helpful on the day, we can’t thank you enough for your help.

Another Special thank you to Donna who runs Mattie & Mimi’s Music and Movement Classes who gave up her time to hold two interactive sessions on the day, the tickets sold out long before the day which shows how popular her sessions are. She also had her gorgeous daughter Hattie helping her, who many of the little ones love seeing so this was an added bonus. Donna also kindly donated vouchers to our kiddies raffle which were very gratefully received by the winners. Also how can we begin to thank Becci and her team at Just Kids Parties East Anglia who followed on from Donna with a special visit from Princesses Belle and Rapunzel and also Spiderman 🕷 the kids were star struck when they realised they were there to see them and they enjoyed story time, singalong/dancing and a special Superhero warmup along with a fun party game and special Princess and Superhero Certificates at the end with photos. Becci also arranged for Murphy the Baby Dino to give us a visit which I must say Imogen hasn’t stopped talking about since.

I could go on all day with Thank your’s to be honest…… but some that I don’t want to miss are: All the local businesses who kindly donated for our raffles (I have already listed on previous posts), Lickety ice who donated some lollies which the kids loved, our lovely stall holders who unfortunately I didn’t get to spend much time with due to the volume of visitors they were all lovely and selling such beautiful handmade products….. I hope to catch up with them at other events soon enough. Charlotte and Nina who gave up their afternoon to be with us doing face painting and glitter creations, Gill who is Imogen’s Key person at Nursery and wanted to be there to help out. Francesca and Gus who played some beautiful music during the afternoon. Sandy, Michelle, Kat and Ann who made delicious cakes and cookies to sell on the day, Ann and her husband also gave up their afternoon to be there serving up the cakes and hot drinks. The Warren/GB gang who are close friends to our family and all came together to help man our stalls on the day.

I must also make a special acknowledgment to Dave (who was there helping on the day) who made the absolutely stunning Rocking Horse for our star prize In the children’s raffle. I had my eye on that one from the start and I think you will agree it is beautiful and will make someone very happy when he heads off to his new home.

Like I said I could go on and on but to our friends, family and the local community for coming together to support our day THANK YOU!! I know some trusty volunteers also got roped into selling raffle tickets both on the lead up to the event and even on the day who sat there scrawling on tickets to help us keep up (Terry, Ryan, Roy, Auntie Mel, Nanny Gotts and Sally 💓 you all).

Last and in no way will they ever be least. Our parents. You know we adore you more than anything as do our girls but without your help, love and support we couldn’t do what we are doing. You have helped look after the girls when I have needed to get bits ready for the day (and on the day) helped sell raffle tickets, bought an array of tickets yourselves knowing that it goes to our cause, donated prizes. And I think Grandad Dylan dreamt about unhooking ducks last night 😂

Oh and Darren – because I guess I shouldn’t leave the Husband out and he does so very often get overlooked 😉 you drive me insane as I know I do you but we stand by each other through whatever comes our way including this gruelling journey from Imogen first being poorly to now where things we hope are progressing in the right direction. Thank you for being someone to nag and boss about….. just remember my darling Happy Wife, Happy Life!! Jokes aside I have been here there and everywhere these past few weeks getting organised for our special day, and some nights I haven’t even made it home from my mums kitchen table. He hasn’t once moaned (well not to me anyway 😂 ) and he has been dropping off information to local businesses, leaflets, collecting raffle prizes, gazebos etc for weeks so I guess I’ll let him have some recognition, love you husband x

Sorry if I have missed anyone specific…… your all amazing 😉

Imogen’s Wish Rocks!

We have just been sent two special photos of recent Imogen’s Wish discoveries….. including our travelling stone. Let’s hope it’s found somewhere new very soon and get it travelling far and wide. Don’t forget to send us your photos if you do find one of our many Rocks.

Thank you for supporting our cause and spreading awareness for Juvenile Arthritis (JIA).

The gorgeous Zac found one of Imogen’s creations and will be re-hiding very soon
A welcome discovery…..the Imogen’s Wish Travelling rock 💓

Mattie and Mimi’s Music

We are super excited to see our friend Donna with Mattie and Mimi again this Wednesday. Donna runs music and movement classes as shown above at various locations in the area. Some time ago when I first mentioned about wanting to do something to raise money for JIA, without hesitation she offered her skills and support and this is where the Imogen’s Wish Charity Fun Day began.

Donna is running two interactive sessions on the day at 1pm and 2.30pm and the tickets sold out weeks ago which shows the popularity of what she offers. Her classes really are second to none and I would highly recommend to any parents of babies and young children. Mattie and Mimi’s really has been a life line to me and my girls over the past 3 years, it gets you out mixing with other mums and is so wonderful to watch and be a part of your little ones developmental journey. As we all know this time goes so quick so why not make some beautiful musical memories. Donna has also kindly donated some gift vouchers for our raffle.

Some snaps of Imogen over the years at Mattie and Mimi’s 💓

Unfortunately Imogen starts 4 days a week at nursery this September so will no longer be able to attend the Donna’s sessions, however her little sister Myah will be following in her footsteps. Not sure what I will do when she is Imogen’s age……maybe I’ll just keep having babies (or maybe not) 😂

Imogen on her last ever music session with Donna, Mattie and Mimi