Wow what a day

Well last night we literally unloaded the cars and collapsed into bed after what was a very successful day at our Imogen’s Wish Charity Fun Day.

I really cannot believe how many people came along to support our cause. I never in a million years expected it to go that well, I have never done anything like this before so it was all new to me and a bit nerve racking but it truly means so much to us and our family who have been behind me every step of the way to make yesterday happen. The day was overwhelming, to see so many happy faces enjoying the event, kids running up to me showing what they had won on the stalls it really tugged at my heart strings.

A HUGE heartfelt thank you to Karen and The Seagull Theatre 🎭, firstly for letting us use your beautiful building for our special day, it was just perfect!! But also Karen and her trusty volunteers couldn’t have been more accommodating and helpful on the day, we can’t thank you enough for your help.

Another Special thank you to Donna who runs Mattie & Mimi’s Music and Movement Classes who gave up her time to hold two interactive sessions on the day, the tickets sold out long before the day which shows how popular her sessions are. She also had her gorgeous daughter Hattie helping her, who many of the little ones love seeing so this was an added bonus. Donna also kindly donated vouchers to our kiddies raffle which were very gratefully received by the winners. Also how can we begin to thank Becci and her team at Just Kids Parties East Anglia who followed on from Donna with a special visit from Princesses Belle and Rapunzel and also Spiderman 🕷 the kids were star struck when they realised they were there to see them and they enjoyed story time, singalong/dancing and a special Superhero warmup along with a fun party game and special Princess and Superhero Certificates at the end with photos. Becci also arranged for Murphy the Baby Dino to give us a visit which I must say Imogen hasn’t stopped talking about since.

I could go on all day with Thank your’s to be honest…… but some that I don’t want to miss are: All the local businesses who kindly donated for our raffles (I have already listed on previous posts), Lickety ice who donated some lollies which the kids loved, our lovely stall holders who unfortunately I didn’t get to spend much time with due to the volume of visitors they were all lovely and selling such beautiful handmade products….. I hope to catch up with them at other events soon enough. Charlotte and Nina who gave up their afternoon to be with us doing face painting and glitter creations, Gill who is Imogen’s Key person at Nursery and wanted to be there to help out. Francesca and Gus who played some beautiful music during the afternoon. Sandy, Michelle, Kat and Ann who made delicious cakes and cookies to sell on the day, Ann and her husband also gave up their afternoon to be there serving up the cakes and hot drinks. The Warren/GB gang who are close friends to our family and all came together to help man our stalls on the day.

I must also make a special acknowledgment to Dave (who was there helping on the day) who made the absolutely stunning Rocking Horse for our star prize In the children’s raffle. I had my eye on that one from the start and I think you will agree it is beautiful and will make someone very happy when he heads off to his new home.

Like I said I could go on and on but to our friends, family and the local community for coming together to support our day THANK YOU!! I know some trusty volunteers also got roped into selling raffle tickets both on the lead up to the event and even on the day who sat there scrawling on tickets to help us keep up (Terry, Ryan, Roy, Auntie Mel, Nanny Gotts and Sally 💓 you all).

Last and in no way will they ever be least. Our parents. You know we adore you more than anything as do our girls but without your help, love and support we couldn’t do what we are doing. You have helped look after the girls when I have needed to get bits ready for the day (and on the day) helped sell raffle tickets, bought an array of tickets yourselves knowing that it goes to our cause, donated prizes. And I think Grandad Dylan dreamt about unhooking ducks last night 😂

Oh and Darren – because I guess I shouldn’t leave the Husband out and he does so very often get overlooked 😉 you drive me insane as I know I do you but we stand by each other through whatever comes our way including this gruelling journey from Imogen first being poorly to now where things we hope are progressing in the right direction. Thank you for being someone to nag and boss about….. just remember my darling Happy Wife, Happy Life!! Jokes aside I have been here there and everywhere these past few weeks getting organised for our special day, and some nights I haven’t even made it home from my mums kitchen table. He hasn’t once moaned (well not to me anyway 😂 ) and he has been dropping off information to local businesses, leaflets, collecting raffle prizes, gazebos etc for weeks so I guess I’ll let him have some recognition, love you husband x

Sorry if I have missed anyone specific…… your all amazing 😉

4 thoughts on “Wow what a day”

  1. Delighted to have played a small part in what was a wonderful day. Amazing to read about all involved in making the event such a success x


  2. What a wonderful day you had and such a success raising those valuable funds for JIA. Without a doubt, you are an amazing woman, making Imogens fun day dream into reality and a great success. Its all your hard work that made it happen! You had me in tears (again!) reading your thank you’s! But dont forget you deserve a Big Thank You too. Well done Hannah. We are so proud of you! Love u lots Auntie C & Uncle T xxx💜💜


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