🎃 Halloween 🎃

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love to throw a kids party…… so what better excuse than Halloween 👻 so the weekend before Halloween, we held a friends and family party in aid of Imogen’s Wish, and what a party we had. I have been wanting to introduce Imogen to Halloween but in a very child friendly fashion. So what started off with plans to have Imogen’s best friend and cousins round for a little party at home, very quickly turned into a party with many of her family and friends at Lowestoft Deaf Centre (we have had family gatherings there previously). After weeks of planning and gathering supplies the week before Halloween had arrived and preparations were in full force. Redecorating our photo booth frame, carving pumpkins, making treats for my treat tree and lots and lots of baking….. not to mention sitting up until the early hour stitching hair rollers and cotton wool into old tights for Myah’s show-stopping Halloween costume 😂

After a rather stressful time setting up the centre with balloons, banners, giant spiders, gravestones, lights and pumpkins, the scene was finally set (thank you to a couple of early arrivals who helped me calm down and get the rest of the bits up in time 😘, it would appear I’m far too particular and have too many ambitious ideas 😆). The room looked great and the costumes were on just in time for our guests to arrive.

I must say I was overwhelmed by how many of our friends, new and old managed to join our family for this event, it made all the hard work worth while to see all the happy faces surrounding us. We had our good friend Simon, kind enough to host the disco for us and what a fantastic job he did. Dressed up in full Ghostbusters attire and showing us all the signature moves, he really got the room moving and we can’t thank him enough for his kindness. I’m not sure who enjoyed the dancing more the kiddies or the mummies 😉

There was lots to join in with from dancing, games and competitions including the ‘Best Pumpkin’ design and ‘Best Costume’. The afternoon was great and we hope that all those involved enjoyed it as much as we did. The party was free to attend but held in aid of Imogen’s Wish, so we were very pleased to find that we also raised just over £150 through donations on the day, a big thank you to everyone who came along and donated, decorated pumpkins and dressed up it really meant a lot.

Emily, winner of best costume.

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